Norman and Caroline are a husband a wife team born in South Africa, and currently living in Dublin, Ireland.  They are initiated Teachers and Guides in the lineage of King Salomon, held by the Modern Mystery School.  We both maintain our certification in the school, and continue our own training, so as to be able to offer services of a high standard.  The Modern Mystery School is an international organisation with branches in over 40 countries in the world, promoting peace and personal empowerment.

The classes that we offer cover a range of subjects, some that assist people in everyday life (like the Max Meditation) and some that are for the people interested in Metaphysics and Energy (like Sacred Geometry or Journeys of the Spirit).

All of these classes are practical as well as containing information.  You can do the classes we offer in any order. Pick and choose as feels right for you.

We welcome absolute beginners as well as more experienced travelers on this path, we simply request an open mind.  We have no dogma, and welcome people of all faiths, creeds and backgrounds.  People of all ages are welcome, children are welcome as soon as they are old enough to indicate interest in the class.