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The Power of Initiation

posted May 14, 2014, 7:09 PM by Caroline Rasmussen

Initiation is something that has been around for thousands of years.  Depending on who you talk to it can be a very positive thing, or it can have a lot of conspiracy theory around it.  My personal experience of it, has been purely positive and transformational.  In fact, it was so incredible the impact it has had on my life, that I now make it one of my primary goals in life to share it with anyone and everyone who might be even the tiniest bit interested.

Initiation is a process recommitting to your self and to the highest power of the universe, call it God, Call it the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light, call it The Guys Upstairs, it really doesn't matter how you name it, it is the connection and energy that is the result that matter.

When you receive your first Initiation, it is precisely that, an initiating or starting of a process to reconnect with the powers of the Universe.  All of us as humans have the potential to work with these powers, and utilise them in our lives.  Sadly this area of possibilities is ignored in conventional society or the standard education system.  Many, if not everyone, I talk to about the standard education system in western cultures, agrees that there are aspects of human development that are not addressed.  Beginning the journey of Initiation starts to address some of these areas.

Initiation will expand your energetic body so that you are able to direct and utilise far more energy, thereby having more impact in the actions you take. It will dislodge a number of negative types of energy that tend to build up in our aura from simple every day living. It creates a protective field around you, helping you to be less affected by situations around you. As your energetic body gets bigger, your ability to move towards your life purpose and through the life lessons that are part of your journey speeds up remarkably.  The truly amazing part of this, I have found, is that even as it moves faster, it is also easier.  With my first initiation, I felt like my way of travelling through my life was upgraded from riding a bicycle to a sports car, and with each subsequent initiation, the change is as dramatic and impressive.

Some great initiates of the past include people like Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, Arthur Conan Doyle, Tesla, to name just a few.