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Gently Does It

This Package is about introducing you to a range of healing and empowerment sessions over a few months.  The 4 sessions are widely spaced, at 4-6 weeks between sessions, so that you have time to gently receive and intergrate the energy and healing into your life.

Sessions One (90min)
 Life Activation - turning on and awakening your potential

Session Two (60min)
Energy Clean up and Emotional Ties release - the name pretty much says it all

Session Three (90min)
Full Spirit Activation - Reconnecting the "wires" so that the various aspects of yourself communicate and you have better all round functionality

Session Four (90min)
Isis Healing - "Rebooting" and resetting the energy through which you perceive and experience emotions

Each of these sessions is normall €150.  If you commit to and pay upfront for all 4, you will recieve a 20% discount, and it will be €480