Max Meditation™

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Meditation has been used for thousands of years by Eastern Cultures as part of personal development, attaining higher knowledge, and maintaining health. 

Meditation has been scientifically proven to assist the body and mind to improve health and well-being. Meditation has been shown to reduce high blood-pressure, boost the immune system, relieve muscular pain, improve sleep, improve the body's ability to physically deal with stress, and calm the mind.

Max Meditation™ was developed by Gudni Gudnason who has studied phenomena of the mind for over 35 years. He has spent time learning from and meditating with some of the greatest meditation teachers in India and Tibet.  He has received degrees in NLP and Psychology in Europe. 

The Max Meditation session works with relaxation, active and passive meditation, mental acrobatics and NLP. The session is approximately 1 hour.  Check out our events to book your time, or organise a one-to-one.

Tuesdays 8pm in Sandymount