The products we sell are items that we personally find to be of value. Mostly, they are superfoods that are difficult to source in Ireland, and Caroline has found companies that are ethical, environment conscious, and work to the principals of fair trade and sustainability.

Essential Oils
I have been playing with essential oils on and off for a number of years, and find them to wonderful. My favourite ones are what I personally think of as "medicinal use" although I know the correct term is Theraputic grade. In short, these are oils that can be taken internally, applied directly to the skin, or dispersed for aromatic use. The method of use depends on the reason for use as well as the specific oil. I have a few personal favourites that I almost never leave home without :) These oils can be purchased from me, or directly from the company doTerra

Pure Synergy
The Synergy company produces amazing products, with extremely high quality ingredients, ethically sources, and I am stocking them because I personally trust them.
· Pure Klamath Crystals - an extremely protein rich, blue green algae with a high bio-availability of the protein and other nutrients.
· Pure Synergy powder - a super green powder that is a full food, it can be a meal, it can be a supplement like a multi-vita-mineral, and it alkalyses the body.
· Pure Radiance C - a natural vitamin C which means it is fully absorbable by the body and does not put strain on the organs as synthetic vitamin C has been shown to do in high doses.

A small superfoods company based in Arizona, who sell only sustainable products, often wild-crafted, otherwise organic, always free of the nasties like chemical fertilizer or pesticide.
· Spirulina Crunchies - these are little clusters of the algae, in the form it makes when drying, before it would normally be crushed to make the powder that people are accustomed to. For some unexplainable reason, these just taste better, and they are fun to eat.
· Inca Berries - a unique sweet and tart flavour rich in vit A, and containing vit C and Iron.
· Raw Organic Nori sheets - the tastiest Nori sheets I have eaten.

This is my favourite blender on the market. Vita-Mix is a Super-Blender, this means it is in a small category of brands that has a super strong motor and parts, and can blend almost anything. It can handle anything I have ever given it to do, it is commercially rated, and well, just awesome. I would never want to have to live without one.

Ordering a Vita-Mix is done directly through their call centre. If you give them this affiliates/coupon code 20-01-000121 you will get free shipping anywhere in Ireland and the UK which saves you about €50/£40. Please go directly to the Vita-Mix websites for their contact details or ordering: Ireland or UK 

This website is not set up for online ordering, but rather you will need to email us, and then you will be sent a paypal invoice, so you know it is secure. Your order will then be posted to you, or if you live in Dublin, you can arrange to collect.  Contact us if you're interested.