The Mommy Works

Mothers being able to take care of themselves and have some "pampering" time is something close to my heart.  I used to go for massages and acupuncture, or to have energy healings regularly before becoming a mother.  Once my son was born, this became extremely challenging.  The Mommy works is my response to one of the things that was my biggest challenge in taking care of myself, BABYSITTING!

How The Mommy Works helps with this: your child or children can have a playdate with my son, (and whichever responsible adult I have on duty taking care of him) and you can have a session with me, from aroma-oil massage, to Shiatsu Massage, or acupuncture or the energy and spiritual healings I offer.  Pretty much any session or series of sessions I would offer, can be done as a Mommy Works session.  

A few sessions you might enjoy:
Massage (Aroma-oil, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Gentle-Touch)
PND support energy healing series. This is a series of around 4-8 sessions, scheduled anything from weekly to monthly, depending on what works for you.  It is NOT therapy or counselling, it is all energy based, and can support conventional therapies.  This is not a "cure" but rather supports deep healing. 

A few questions you may have:

Does it cost more? 
NO! there is no extra fee, I need someone to care for my son anyway if I am working, so to have another child or 2 have a play-date with him, is totally good.

Am I still coming to a therapy centre?
The Mommy Works sessions are in my home.  You will be welcomed to my home like a friend, as it is a play-date for your child/children, they will have access to my living room and my sons toys, our small gardern if the weather is suitable for outdoor play, and we will do the session in the "tidy" bedroom.

From what age can I bring my child?
As soon as you are ok to let someone else hold them for an hour.  The ladies who help my with caring for my son are comfortable with children from newborn.

Is it a breastfeeding friendly environment?
YES!  If your baby is still nursing at short intervals, and you want to be able to arrive a little early to nurse just before your sessions, and stay a little after to do so again, that is completely ok, just please mention it when booking so that I can make sure I am available to let you in early, and out late.